Who buys photos on Twenty20?

Who buys photos on Twenty20?

More and more photographers are having their photos bought (technically its called “licensed”) on Twenty20 and used in cool ways. We know that a lot of you have wondered, “Who in the heck are buying my photos?”  Well, wonder no more…

Large brands like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Wyndham Hotels; up and coming businesses like Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Equinox Gyms; and even a handful of fresh, new startup businesses like Washio, Vibosity, and WorkPop are looking for and purchasing your photos on Twenty20 right now!  Ok ok, maybe not right this very exact second, but you know what we mean…  Not only that, but there are a number of social media, marketing, and other creative agencies that are also using Twenty20 and constantly on the hunt for great, authentic, real-life photos like you’re taking.  Cool, right?!?

Handful of Twenty20 buyers

Where your photos might be used

Licensed photos get used in a thousand different ways! But most of all, we see Twenty20 photos showing up on brand’s social media pages, blog posts, websites, marketing campaigns, and a handful of other cool places.   You never know, your photo might just be on a billboard that you drive by one day 😉

We’ll keep bringing on more new, exciting buyers to help your photos get discovered and put some extra cash in your pocket. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for an email or two with examples of how photos are being used by other new brands licensing your work. Until then, keep creating and adding your latest photos.

Photo credit @ciscony

  • Kelly

    It’s exciting. So many great photographers.

  • Shirley Anne White

    Wow! That is great, hope they like mine one day:).

  • Melissa Mello

    How do we go about licensing our work? I’d love to sell some.

    • @Mdmello72:disqus do you have a Twenty20 gallery? If not, that’s step #1.

      From there the keys are:
      – Adding your best photos that tell a story
      – Keywording your photos to describe them so that they are found in search
      – Entering challenges
      – Photos with people that capture real-life moments for certain sell best too

  • Ashley

    Is there any way you can find out what company bought your photo??

  • Olga

    What is the criteria for being selected to a signature collection?

  • Shirley Anne White

    How long does it take to sell even one picture ?

  • Moriah landis

    I joined yesterday and and I uploaded lots of great photos. I hope that as a contributor, I can bring interesting collections to the table that will interest people to buy. I have no experience with photography sites like this. This is very new to me, so I’m not sure what to expect. Honestly, I do hope to make a decent amount of money for the time I plan to invest in this hobby of mine. I’m curious as to how soon my collections will be displayed live online. It’s not clear to me as how all of that works, but If any member with experience can help me with some advice or helpful information, I would be very inclined to listen and learn.

  • Chris E Adams

    I joined about two weeks ago and love sharing my pictures with the world and hope they get sold so many others can enjoy and admire my work just like my Facebook fans do.

  • Shirley Anne White

    I have been with Twenty 20 about 6 months still waiting getting closer

  • A professional photographer can sell more photos.

  • Shirley Anne White

    Yes of course that would be the case, we all have our better talents with say nature, we learn all the time if we are any good.

  • Dennis Bickers

    Ok… I’ve joined other photo companies with no luck. I have many thousands of great pictures according to me and the the people that keep saying that I should sell them. I have on a small scale but looking forward to growing my inventory on a site that can provide an ongoing profit. I like the security and ease that Twenty20 provides. I am retired and don’t want my pictures to die when I do and hope others can enjoy them.