Thompson’s Los Angeles Photo Adventure

Thompson’s Los Angeles Photo Adventure

If you’ve been on Twenty20 for more than three months, you probably remember the contest we held for an all-expenses-paid photo adventure for two in Los Angeles. However, you may not remember that the lucky winner was Thompson, a talented photographer from New York. On November 13th, Thompson and his girlfriend joined us in L.A. and made Twenty20 HQ their first stop.

After a quick tour around our office, we chatted about how the weather, the transportation, the vibes, and the people differ between New York and Los Angeles. Then we gave them a few tips about where to go and how to get around (like don’t try to go from Venice to Hollywood between 4 and 6:30 p.m. unless you want to see the sunset from the backseat of an Uber). Since they had three days to explore all of L.A., we said our goodbyes and wished them the best on their weekend photo adventure!


After anxiously waiting for two weeks, I woke up on November 29th with an email from Thompson in my inbox. And let me tell you – I don’t think anyone has ever been more excited to open an email than the Twenty20 team and I were on that day. So here you go, a beautiful recap of Thompson’s  L.A. photo adventure:

I recently got back from a trip to Los Angeles thanks to Twenty20. I flew into LAX on Friday, November 13th and left on Sunday. Although it was a short stay it was filled with adventure and entertainment. I stayed in West Hollywood off Beachwood Drive with a gorgeous view of the Hollywood Sign. There is something comforting and relaxing about the neighborhood, the people were friendly, polite and very welcoming. On every street corner and high way there’s a beautiful tall palm tree, that gives off a rather calm and tropical island feel.


A few minutes from where I stayed is the Beachwood Cafe that serves great breakfast, lunch and dinner. I stopped here before hiking up the Hollywood Trails to get a closer view of the Hollywood sign. The atmosphere in this cafe has a homey feel to it. I loved the decor of the place, a 1940s theme covered in geometric designs.


Towards the end of Beachwood drive, you’ll find Sunset Ranch where you can rent a horse and ride up the trails. The other parts of the area are filled with Spanish and Mediterranean style buildings and a different variety of decorative styles. 


The next couple of days I explored LA. Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, The Walk of Fame, and The Hollywood Sign. It took a lot of driving around in order to really explore the city.


Traffic was my only real headache while I was there. Living in NYC for a long time I have gotten accustomed to taking public transportation everywhere, and it runs 24/7 compared to LA where the subway and bus system is quite limited.


My favorite part of the trip was visiting Venice Beach. It was quite interesting; tons of street performers, shops and restaurants. 


The sunset [in Venice] at 5:00 was absolutely breathtaking. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to LA and plan to return sometime in the near future. Big thanks to Twenty20 for the generous opportunity.



Make sure to check out the rest of Thompson’s gallery here.

  • Sandrapokh

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Brian Marshall

    Awesome post! Love the shot of the sign Venice