The Story of a Sale: How LivingHealthy Searches for Photos

The Story of a Sale: How LivingHealthy Searches for Photos

You might think it’s obvious by now but adding keywords is an easy and important step in helping customers discover your photos. But who exactly is searching for photos on Twenty20 and where are they using them? Well, let me tell you about one of those customers: LivingHealthy.

Step to Adventure by @przemekklos

Recently Sold Photo by @przemekklos

Who is LivingHealthy?

They are a motivational website that aims to be the trusted provider of news, approaches, resources, and products that are changing lives. LivingHealthy believes that everyone should have access to the wide range of today’s health and wellness options and they hope to be a source of inspiration for everyone who wants to be #livinghealthy.

And now comes the best part. LivingHealthy uses your photos from Twenty20 for most of their website’s articles. When writer Stacy Tornio wrote her article about how certain pets can help improve your mental and physical health, she wanted to find authentic photos to bring her story to life. With a quick keyword search on Twenty20, six of your great photos were found and used in her article “7 Pets That Boost Your Health”.

Check out the six photos that were used and how they were found:


1) Dogs Photo by @toddler777
Found by searching: dog

Found by searching: dog


2) Cats Photo by @karamidrees
Found by searching: cats

Found by searching: cats


3) Fish Photo by @goofingoff
Photo by goofingoff

Found by searching: fish, goldfish


4) Horses Photo by @stache
Found by searching: horses

Found by searching: horse


5) Reptiles Photo by @meerhund
Found by searching:

Found by searching: chameleon, lizard


6) Rabbits Photo by @chibelek
Found by searching: rabbits

Found by searching: rabbits


Pretty cool, right? Check out the full article here or continue onto their website to see more of your Twenty20 photos in the wild! Keep an eye on the types of photos LivingHealthy uses and you might be their next purchase ?

Steps to Take Today to Make Sure Customers Find Your Photos ?

Great photos go undiscovered all the time because they are missing valuable details. Make sure that your photos have 5-10 relevant keywords and keep in mind that LivingHealthy is only one of many customers searching for photos. To find out what other customers want, take a look at the Recently Sold feed- it can be a great source for ideas and inspiration.


Want to learn more about adding keywords? Click here.

  • Great article! Thanks for the tips and continued advice on how to get our photos noticed and discovered, improving our chances of making a sale. Photography is inspiration. Thank you!