Twenty20 Team Spotlight: Kyle

Twenty20 Team Spotlight: Kyle

Meet Kyle. He is a member of the Twenty20 sales team, who is helping you get found by brands like Uber, Birchbox, and LivingSocial.

When these companies come to Twenty20, he’s the first person they talk to. He tells them all about how great your photos are and how using them will benefit their brand. Often he works with the Twenty20 Editors to make the buyer a collection of photos as a sample of how great your work can be. Kyle will show them around the site; how to search, build collections, and view the Signature Collection.


Isn’t it nice to know someone else is out there working for you? There are a few things you can do to make the most of Kyle’s efforts:

1. Challenges: If you don’t already know, many of the challenge topics come from what these brands are looking for. While we encourage you to be creative, don’t stray from the provided “Creative Brief”. Those instructions are coming straight from the brand to tell you what they’re looking for. Talk about an open book test!

2. Recently Sold Photos: What could show you what buyers like better than what they’ve already bought? The “Recently Sold” section of the Highlights Feed is your window into what is being purchased on Twenty20.  Right now, there are lots of photos of people in that feed, and we don’t expect that to change. (Don’t know what the Highlights Feed is? Get the App)

3. Keywords and Captions: When they are on the hunt, buyers use the search tools. Your photo won’t come up in their search if it doesn’t have the terms they look for, so be really specific with your keywords and captions. For example, the above photo of Kyle should be captioned “A man at work” and the keywords should be “business, businessman, guy, office, start up, work”.

4. Brand Research: Professional photographers familiarize themselves with a brand’s aesthetic. If we say a challenge is run by a brand, take a look at their website and social media feeds to get familiar with their style. Do they prefer a polished or rough photo? Bright colors or muted tones? People or objects? Knowing this will help you understand what photos are right for them.

5. Announcements: We make announcements on social media and in the app when exciting stuff is happening. Make sure your notifications are set to “On” and you follow @twenty20app on Instagram to stay up to date.

We’ll keep Kyle working, now you go do your part! Start by entering a challenge:

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Kyle and his dog Brutus – pc: @kyle_tudor



  • Gonzalo Fernandez

    Thanks for all the hard work Kyle! Keep on keeping on!

    • Shirley Anne White

      Thank you Kyle