Photographing Kids: Tips from Nikole Mock

Photographing Kids: Tips from Nikole Mock

Photographing kids can be hard! Getting kids in their natural element is something that Nikole Mock does well, but it’s no accident.

Nikole has pretty much perfected the art of sneaking up on her kids. She says as soon as they know you’re taking a picture you’ve lost the shot. So how does she do it? Here are her top seven tips so you can get some great action shots of kids too:


Be present in the moment. Be aware of the activities the kids are doing and have your cell phone or camera handy.


Don’t set up the shot. You get the better results if you capture your kids acting naturally (i.e. playing, reading, etc). Most kids won’t want sit still if you try to set up a shot and structured shoots don’t always feel authentic.


Pay attention to your lighting. Bright natural light gives you the best results.


Don’t let them know you’re shooting. Turn off the camera “clicking” sound when you take photos of your kids! Once they hear that camera sound they stop what they are doing and want to see what you are doing. Then the moment is gone.



Take a million photos. Don’t just take one photo, take a bunch! And try different angles, too, like get down their level. Get on the floor with them or sit at the table with them but try not to announce your presence or mention you want to take their picture. If they are really engaged in their activity, they won’t even notice your there (sometimes).


Edit later. I like to do a little editing once I’m done. I pick out my “favorites” (I use the little heart on the iPhone). That way you can find your best shots quicker when you need to upload them to an editing app. My go to editing apps are VSCOcam, or Darkroom, Snapseed, SKRWT, and Retouch.


Enjoy yourself too. Play around and have fun with the kids!

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