Photographer Spotlight: Darby

Photographer Spotlight: Darby

Everyone, meet Darby.


Chances are, you have seen Darby’s photos in the Signature Collection, in the Top 20, in Featured Collections, and in the Recently Sold Feed. It probably comes as no surprise that Darby is one of the most successful photographers on Twenty20.

She is constantly adding photos to her gallery, which is full of authentic family and lifestyle photos. In addition to being an active member on Twenty20, Darby’s success comes from her passion and her goal to shoot every single day.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Darby some questions. Check out our interview with her below:

Q: How and when did you get into photography?

A: I’ve been a pro for 15 years, shooting longer than that. My first gig was as a high school yearbook photographer, needless to say, the photos were less than stellar. My dad always dabbled in photography and I got my first film pentax at age 16.

Q: How would you describe your particular style and what makes your photos different than everyone else’s?

A: I’m a lifestyle photographer by nature. I spend a lot of time in my own home with my own busy family and I prefer to capture my life and my clients lives as authentically as possible. I’m not a huge fan of props or gimmicks and so I tell my clients that upfront. I think this makes me stand out because I’ve gotten very good (through countless hours of practice) at capturing real and authentic moments between people and that comes across on the photos. I’m also a minimalist in my editing, I think good exposure should be done in camera.

Q: Is there a certain style of photography that you’re dying to try next? What is it and why?

A: I think it’s more technique that I’m enjoying experimentation with lately. I am always very inspired by adventure photography and hope to have more time in my future to shoot things like skyscapes at night, but I’m a bit of a chicken to be out at night alone so we will see if that happens! Technique wise I’m always pushing myself to be faster with my flashes, I’m very comfortable with flash, but I’d love to be speedier at changing the mood in a photo by adjusting my flashes.

Q: What is one photography tip or trick that you wish you had learned when you first started shooting?

A: This is a hard one. I think if anything it’s not to be afraid of a high ISO. Not every photo is going to be blown up into a huge print, being flexible with yourself as you shoot in dark or difficult situations takes a lot of practice, but it can be done really well.

Q: If you had 24 hours to teleport to 3 places anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A: France, for the food and the art. Japan, for the culture and the chaos. New Zealand, for the Flight of the Conchords.


Check out the rest of Darby’s gallery:


  • Ingrid Nagy

    Congratulations Darby – beautiful work!

  • Moriah landis

    I joined yesterday as a contributor, and I’m somewhat hopeful that this gig will work out for me. I have lots of great photos, but I’m new at this so ever since I uploaded my pics and I created my collections, I’m a bit anxious to see where this goes. I was wondering, once the collections are created, do my photos go live right away? I would like to start making a little extra money from this, it would be nice! 🙂

  • Kevin Fremon

    Congrats Darby! Great to have you here.

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  • Jasper Martens

    Nice collection Darby. I will definitely select some of your photos for our blog.

  • Studio OMG

    Wow … your work is filled with joy.