Pet Photography 101

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Let’s talk about interspecies love. Not the type that would land you in jail, but the type you can put in a frame and hang in your living room. Getting your pet to sit still long enough to walk away with a captivating portrait can be tricky, but we’ve put together a few sure-fire tips that’ll have you sending Fluffy to kitty casting calls in no time. Title image: @tronthedog

Tip #1- Get down on your knees and tell me you love me. Most of us tower over the animals in our lives, so capturing them at eye level can make for a much more interesting vantage point. Image: @gael_d


Tip #2- It’s all in the eyes. This is where animals carry so much of their expression, so make sure they’re in focus and looking in a direction not too far from your lens. Image: @nikkiguta


Tip #3- Take your camera out at playtime. Whether your dog is chasing those poor squirrels again or your cat is fervently hunting a crumpled piece of paper, have your weapon of choice ready to go! Capturing an animal in motion can result in an incredible photo.   Image: @liveelifee95



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