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Our number one goal at Twenty20 is to get your imagery the exposure & sales it deserves. Today, we’re excited to announce Twenty20 Digital, a new way to sell your photography as digital downloads.

People around the world need authentic, unique imagery just like yours to use for their creative projects (websites, emails, ads, magazines). Twenty20 Digital allows them to discover and purchase your art. This means more sales and exposure for you!

Do I still own the rights to my images?


As a Twenty20 artist, you will always retain ownership over your photos. Digital buyers purchase a royalty-free license to use your image for their own creative project.

What is a royalty free license & how can my images be used?

Royalty free licenses allow for commercial or editorial use. This is the most common type of license for digital photo sales; buyers will pay for the right to license your photo & use it across multiple campaigns. For example, if a brand purchases the license to your photo, they can use it on their website, their blog, in a brochure, or all three!

Can I sell images with people in them?

Photos with people sell twice as often as other photos. If there is a recognizable person in the photo, you’ll need to get their permission using the request feature in the app or the website!

How can I increase my chances of selling my imagery?

The images that most buyers are searching for are authentic images of real people in real situations. Photos with people in them are most likely to sell on Twenty20 Digital. Moments that showcase human emotion will be the key to selling your photos.

• Make sure to upload the highest resolution version of your photos.
• Make sure to take photos with people AND get permission from them.
• Add keywords (tags) to all your photos to have them surface higher in search results.

Authentic content that buyers look for:
• Your friends hanging out at games, events, the park, etc.
• Crisp shots of sunsets and sunrises
• Close up portraits of people who are happy, sad, laughing, etc.
• Concerts full of people
• People in a natural work environment
• Close up photos of animals, pets, etc.
• Urban, cultural, and environmental shots

Top keywords buyers search for:
• Family
• Medical
• Background
• Christmas
• Business
• Beach
• Car
• Woman
• Baby
• Music

So, the important stuff:

•  You will always own the rights to your photos.

•  Your photos will never be used in any hateful, racist or sexist cases.

•  The more photos with people in them, the higher your chances of making money.

•  Higher resolution = greater chance of selling.

•  This is a huge opportunity to gain exposure & sales!


Any questions? Check out our FAQ or feel free to email

  • vikapdesigns

    This is a brilliant feature to incorporate into your site. Do members have the option to ‘opt-out’ if desired? It may not be for everyone, but I like the concept 🙂

  • Tomas Nilsén

    Will an android app be available?