Introducing New & Improved Twenty20 Challenges

We’ve excited to announce an update to Twenty20 Photo Challenges!

Keeping it Fun

After talking to thousands of artists, we learned that Challenge voting was a clunky process that required time and effort. To fix this, we created a fun & easy way to vote on challenges: simply swipe right to “vote up” a photo and swipe left to “skip” a photo. It’s a great way to make sure that your photo has the chance to get discovered! With this seamless process, you can vote through hundreds of photos within minutes and ensure that the best images move up the leaderboard & win!

Keeping It Fair

Our number one goal in this update was to make sure Challenges are fair for you. The playing field is leveled as every photo starts with zero votes in a new challenge. The only way to vote for a photo is to go through the “vote” flow (loving a photo does not count as a vote). Your photo rises in the Leaderboard as fellow artists “vote up” your entry. To make sure your photo gets a fair chance, we’ve developed an algorithm that guarantees every photo is viewed the same amount of times. It’s up to your peers to “vote up” or “skip” your entry. If your photo is among the top 20 (based on votes), you will be declared a winner, get featured on Twenty20, and be promoted on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

One Challenge Everyday

To help you gain recognition for all your diverse photos, we are launching one new challenge every single day. This means that you will always have the chance to enter at least 7 challenges at a time! This increases your chances of winning and making it to the Featured feed to gain exposure and get more followers!

Well, what are you waiting for? Start entering Twenty20 Challenges now to gain exposure!



At Twenty20, we believe in empowering creativity. We believe in mastering the craft. We believe in giving everyone across the world, no matter who or where, the ability to be discovered for their passion and to sell their photography.

Please rate us five stars in the app store if you like these new additions to Twenty20. Also, feel free to email us at with suggestions on ways to improve your experience with Twenty20 or with any problems.

  • Can I enter more than 1 photo in a challenge?

    • Marcelle Johannes

      I don’t think so

  • s1000

    Love the update, I’m just afraid it’s being used by less and less – nobody swipes through 3000 entries, and the challenge for this to work out right, is that the ones participating have no interest in casting votes to others in the same challenge (fair enough) – having participated in a few challenges has shown me how much these challenges are not “Keeping it fair”! – every photo starts with zero, correct, but it’s not correct that “the only way to vote for a photo is to go through the “vote” flow” – actually I would claim that 90% of the votes to people in top 30 are fetched through vote-hunting on either Twenty20 or Instagram – showing top 30 on each challenge not only makes vote-hunting a possibility, rather a necessity. A few votes will get you into top 100, a few more in top 30 and from there it’s hard work and a lot of votes. It’s an unfair game, and in the end the image has less value than getting a vote – most people will swap a vote with no regard to what the image actually looks like 🙂

    Thing is, you guys had to develop a social part to this game, allowing us to share our entries, get more votes and at the same time giving you and the “game” some exposure – in other words people CAN vote without going through the “vote” flow, by sharing a direct URL – that way gaing votes is as easy as contacting everyone in top 30 of every other contest and voila – you swapped yourself to the top. This is going on big time, and to actually make this a fair game that is about the images, I think you have to rethink not only the live top 30-lists (by not showing them), and maybe even do some rework on the social part – it’s simply too easy to “cheat” with direct URLs, which undoubtedly skews the fairness of the game.

    Besides from that I’m a big fan 🙂