Setting a personalized cover image for your Twenty20 Gallery helps you present yourself as a photographer.

What type of image should you choose? Anyone viewing your Gallery for inspiration on the iPhone app or buying on the web will see it. You should make sure to choose an image that will display well in both environments. Here are 3 tips to make sure your Gallery shines!

#1 Choose a large image

The image will display on the web where someone could be looking on a small tablet or on a huge monitor. If they are viewing your Gallery in a large window and you’ve used a small photo, the photo will be grainy. To make sure your cover photo always looks good, choose a large image.


#2 Use a landscape photo

A landscape photo is recommended for your cover photo since the majority of the image will display on both the iPhone app and the website. Below is an example that shows which small areas of a landscape photo won’t be visible. Make sure the part of your photo you want showing isn’t cut off by any of the gray areas.


#3 If you use a portrait photo

A portrait photo will be very cropped on both the iPhone app and the website. While it’s not the ideal sized photo, it can still look great! Make sure if you’re using a portrait photo that you love the middle portion, since that will be what mainly displays. Here is an example of how a portrait photo will look:



Enjoy your new gallery! Now go set an amazing cover photo.

Go Set your Cover Photo!


  • MyEyePhotography

    We should be able to move the cover photo so whichever part of the picture we want showing will show. I wanted the bottom half to be my cover photo but the top half is.