Prepare your gallery by making sure that your photos with people in them have the appropriate permissions from those in the shot.

Buyers love photos with people in them, but can’t always use your photos.

Photos with recognizable people in them need permission granted to be sold.

When in doubt, get permission.

These photos need permission to be sold:



These photos do not need permission; they have no recognizable people:



If you’re not sure if you need to get permission for a particular photo, you probably need permission from the people in the photo.

Manage your gallery to select the number of people in your photos and send out model releases.







  • What if it was a random photo of people whom you don’t know (I.E. At a beach, a concert, a tourist attraction) and you have no clue who they are or where to find them to get a release??

    • Micah

      Unfortunately, you will need permission from each individual in the photo. The best way to ensure success is to get the individual’s email address or phone number when you take the photo.

  • azazeo

    What about cityscapes with several people within but they are quite small – 10-100 px?

  • Anna Leticia Cohen

    I don’t see a release model. Can you give on to us? Please!
    A formulary to be filled and signed. I guess is something like this you are asking for.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Tony

    What if it is your child in the photo, how do you go about permission in that case?

    • sanova

      I too would like to know, allot of my people shots are odd many children and also what if the person is not your child but someone elses? Do you then need the patent/f guardian of said persons?

  • clemonskunkel

    I am just going to stick to water reflection. That take out all my worries.

  • clemonskunkel

    Let all your trouble go down the DRAIN!