Flagging Photos Matters

Flagging Photos Matters

The Twenty20 Team understands the frustration of seeing Stolen, Off Topic, and Inappropriate photos in challenges and galleries. In an attempt to make Twenty20 a more fun and more fair community, we will be dedicating more time to monitoring and reviewing flagged photos. As a member of the Twenty20 community, it’s important that you understand why, when, and how you should flag photos.

Photo by @CarsonBroom

Photo by @CarsonBroom

Why Should I Flag Photos?

Flagging a photo is the quickest and easiest way to notify the Twenty20 Team about a Stolen, Off Topic, or Inappropriate photo. Not only is it disappointing to see a stolen photo in the community but more importantly, it is unlawful for stolen photos to be sold on Twenty20. In addition, we have probably all experienced the frustration of seeing a photo in the Top 20% or higher that clearly doesn’t follow the challenge’s Creative Brief or contains inappropriate subject matter. Flagging these photos will help stop irrelevant and inappropriate entries from earning an honor.

When Should I Flag Photos?

Photo by @benedettodemaio

Photo by @benedettodemaio

Flag a photo as ‘Stolen’ when…
– You have seen that photo in several other places online
– You know that the user is not the owner of the photo

Flag a photo entered in a challenge as ‘Off Topic’ when…
– It clearly disregards the Creative Brief entirely
– It doesn’t comply with the stated Photo Requirements

Flag a photo as ‘Inappropriate’ when it shows…
– Nudity of anyone under 18
– Gratuitous shots of genitalia and blatant pornography
– Dead animals (non-natural setting)
– Self-harm, violence, or abuse that doesn’t appear to be staged

Please Note: Twenty20 has the sole discretion to allow or remove flagged content upon review.

How do I Flag Photos?

If you are unsure how to flag a photo in the app or on the web, click here for detailed instructions.

Photo by @marisa05

Photo by @marisa05


Header Image by @taniramaurer

  • I am really getting frustrated with this app.. I have entered several challenges and never stand a chance because it is not set up fairly nor do you even monitor what is posted in these challenges ..seemingly. I just flagged a bunch of photos that were completely off subject yet were in the top 20 .. one of them could win if they have enough followers! it does not matter how good the photograph is.. it seems to matter how popular you are. Also, pro photographers putting their images in the challenges leaves people who are beginning and trying to make a name for themselves very dissatisfied

    • Jackie

      I am in complete agreement with Jude’s comment and think more members should flag up photos that are nothing to do with the brief. It’s disheartening to see completely inappropriate photos in the top 20.

    • Elif

      Hi! Please take my words in a good way. A challenge is a challenge and unfortunately professional photographers seem to be a part of it. I am an amateur and more likely will never be popular or win any challenge however I will try. I am here to see real photos and learn a bit. You are right that being popular will provide you with votes. If you have for example 2000 followers and 1000 of them support your photo in a challenge you will win. I don’t flag photos because half of them are not real as I have seen them either on Pinterest or other sites. But I click like to those who present their own photo and if that photo is nice then ok. I cannot judge the best shot but I can have my opinion. Thank you for your comment as it helps many of us who read it. We need more people like you!

      • Well Elif,
        That is certainly your choice but you do the entire integrity of the photography industry a disservice when you don’t flag copywrited or stolen material. Especially stolen material. If you are not on there to make extra cash ..no problem, but some of us are and it is not set up fairly. I have no issues with pro photographers..it is the way the app is set up and the voting, the way they do not monitor what is being posted to their contest..

    • MargJ

      I definitely agree that off-topic photos should be flagged in challenges. However, I don’t agree that you don’t stand a chance of winning. I am an amateur and am new to Twenty20. I have had several photos come in, in the Top 10%, Top 20 photos & I’ve even had a photo chosen as Editor’s Choice. Keep shooting & keep entering!

  • That’s great Marj..I will keep at it..I love taking photos so..congrats to you!

  • conceptualdm3

    I understand the frustration and concerns, as I am not a professional photographer, and I do not have a herd of followers…that being said, competition is competition, and one way to get followers/friends/admirers is to engage in communication with photographers whose photographs aesthetically resonate with you by simply making a comment and being proactive in connecting with the other photographers. I’m not advising that anyone spend hours and hours making inauthentic comments in order to gain a large following, but I am suggesting that making a concerted effort to be a productive member of the twenty20 community instead of making accusations of how unfair the system works is probably a better use of one’s time. That’s not to say anyone’s compaints aren’t valid or do not deserve to be heard, as they most certainly do. I feel as though there is a more constructive manner in which One way to definitely be ostracized and diminish one’s chances of being included into the Signature Collection, other curated collections, and being included in the top 20% is to complain about unfair practices when one readily admits that he or she is on a mission to flag photos that, in one’s opinion, is off-subject. I’m no expert, nor claim to be, but my defenses would be automatically raised and I would be highly suspect of anyone who blatantly admits to flag photos as part of his or her process when discerning whether or not a photo is ‘good enough,’ or ‘fits one’s interpretation of the creative brief’ (I’m not speaking about stolen work, as that is an awful, realistic atrocity quite prevalent in the creative world, so I agree to flag work that one knows to be stolen; however, I’d be quite sure a work is indeed stolen before making an accusation of that magnitude).

  • Chandra

    I am new to the community. My photo was flagged for not being mine and was removed. However, the photo IS MINE. I am totally flabbergasted that some random person can flag my photo without evidence and have my legal copyrighted image removed on this site. Give me one good reason to stay………