Brand Highlight: The Enthusiast Network

Brand Highlight: The Enthusiast Network

Last week I posted a little teaser showing off some of the many brands buying your photos on Twenty20. Today I want to highlight one of the brands I’m most stoked about using your photos: The Enthusiast Network.

Even if you’ve never heard of The Enthusiast Network you certainly have heard of their mind-boggling number of enthusiast brands such as Motor Trend, Surfer Magazine, TransWorld Snow, TransWorld Skate, Automobile Magazine, Powder Magazine, and GrindTV.

In fact, GrindTV is their first property using Twenty20 photos. There you’ll find stories of fellow outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, as well as the encounters that happen along the ride.

Money In Your Pocket + Your Name In Lights

One of my favorite parts of Twenty20 photos on GrindTV is that they do their best to credit every photographer on their blog. So, not only do you get a little more cash in your pocket, but you also get your name on a MAJOR adventure & travel site. Here’s just a few examples:

I hope you’re as excited as I am to have brands like The Enthusiast Network checking out your photos on a daily basis. Our team is working hard to get your work discovered by new brands and of course help you earn money doing what you love. If it just so happens that you love capturing your travel and adventure shots then you might see them soon on GrindTV or other The Enthusiast Network sites or magazines.

Grindtv photo example

We’ll keep doing Buyer Spotlights as long as you’re interested. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Keep creating, the world wants to see what you dream up next.

  • Judy Abingdon

    Great precise information! Really helps to know what you are looking for ?

  • It’s definitely helpful to get all the market research we can! Thanks for doing these!

  • That’s awesome! I’m now stoked!

  • drakesequation

    If I find out any if these brands are using my propriety photos without paying, or asking permission, I will see them and you in court.

  • Shita Utomo

    super excited!

  • kb

    I have some picture of my painting and some I took for my cook book, can someone tell me which company would be interested in buying them.

  • Awesome opportunity! Thank you. 🙂

  • Shirley Anne White

    I have a lot of the area I live in, lots of lakes, green areas, nature and birds, we’re is best for these?, and this is great well done guys:).