Brand Highlight: Thought Catalog

Brand Highlight: Thought Catalog

As a photographer, it’s nice to know who purchased your photo and where they are using it. This is why we are excited to introduce to you one of the most frequent buyers of your photos: Thought Catalog.


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Why Thought Catalog Rocks

If you have recently sold a candid, lifestyle photo of someone, there’s a good chance that licensed it. Thought Catalog, a website dedicated to your stories and ideas, understands the value of creativity and authenticity. In fact, one of their ideals is “to help shape culture by empowering you to share your ideas and stories with the world.” Want to know the coolest part? They use YOUR authentic photos from Twenty20 to do this and they always give YOU credit.

How They Use Your Photos

Most of the articles on Thought Catalog contain true stories, funny lists, or inspiring suggestions. However, it is your authentic photos that help make these articles relatable. Your photos are used as the header images for these articles; this means your photo could be what catches someone’s eye and makes them decide whether they are interested in finding out more. We think it’s pretty awesome to be reminded that your photos matter and that they really do make an impact on others, don’t you?

Four Cool Ways They Showcased Your Photos Recently

1. This cheerful photo of holiday lights and champagne by @marcobertoliphotography is featured in “24 Powerful Ways To Finish The Year Off Right”


2. This lighthearted photo of friends having fun with cheesecake by @adventure.whisperer is the highlight of the article “15 People On The Most Thoughtful Holiday Present They’ve Ever Received”


3. This joyful photo of a young woman on her bike by @margueta sits at the top of the article “30 Simple But Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions To Replace The Ambitious Ones Nobody Ever Sticks To”


4. This beautiful photo of a young woman traveling on a train by @pratavetra_ is displayed in “How To Say Goodbye To 2015”



We hope you’re as happy as we are to have Thought Catalog licensing and showcasing your authentic photos to the world. In the meantime, keep taking beautiful photos of your friends and family in real-life moments and we will keep doing our best to help you get your work discovered.

Have you found a photo of yours on Thought Catalog? If so, share the link in the comments!