6 Types of Photos Trending Right Now

6 Types of Photos Trending Right Now

With the Winter holidays coming up, buyers have already started searching Twenty20 for seasonal photos. Adding relevant keywords to your photos makes it easier for buyers to discover your work and find the photos they need. Since we already taught you how to Keyword Like A Pro, now we are going to tell you what buyers are looking for right now.

Photo by @klebersmith

Recently Sold Photo by @klebersmith

Marketing agencies and independent buyers begin planning (and designing) seasonal blog posts, social media posts, web articles, etc months in advance. So it may come as no surprise that Thanksgiving, Winter, Travel, Home, and Shopping are all in the current Top 10 Most Searched Keywords. Of course, you wouldn’t add all 5 of those keywords to a photo like the one above- adding a keyword to a photo only helps you if the keyword describes the focus, action, theme, tone, or overall message of the photo.

What’s Trending??

By the time the actual holidays come around, most buyers will already have their photos picked out and purchased. Right now, buyers are looking for the types of photos that show people traveling home for the holidays, Christmas celebrations, families enjoying the Winter snow, people shopping for presents, and friends together for New Years.

Check out what buyers are searching (plus other related keywords suggested by the Editorial Team):

  • Winter (ex: snow, boots, coat)
  • Travel (ex: airport, train, roadtrip)
  • Holiday (ex: New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Home (ex: house)
  • Shopping (ex: gifts, presents, online shopping)
  • Family (ex: mother, mixed family, diverse family, maternity, pregnancy, expecting mother, infant, newborn, baby)


Make Sure Buyers Find Your Photos ?

The photos below can be found by searching the keyword Thanksgiving. Since both photos show traditional Thanksgiving dishes, adding the keyword Thanksgiving is appropriate. Other good keywords would include what type of food is in the photo (stuffing, pumpkin pie). However, it wouldn’t make sense to add the keyword Home because even if these photos were taken at a home, they don’t clearly express that. (Another way to think about it is: If I were searching for photos and wanted to find this exact photo, would I search the keyword Home?)

Photos by @chefaniesteng (left) and @heatherdeffense (right)

Photos by @chefaniesteng (left) and @heatherdeffense (right)

Now that you know what buyers are looking for this month, go check your Twenty20 gallery and make sure all of your relevant photos have the appropriate keywords. Don’t have any holiday or Winter pictures in your gallery yet? Upload your photos now before it’s too late!

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