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An Incredibly Simple Trick to Shoot Studio Quality Photos at Home

Dairy Milk on White

Dairy Milk on White by Azlil Adzif (allele93)


I’m excited to introduce our Twenty20 “Master Your Craft” blog post series.

Each week, Twenty20 artists will be sharing their photography tips so that you can master your craft and create amazing photography to show the Twenty20 community. If the tip is specific enough, we might have a challenge that reflects the style of the photography! 


Today’s artist, Azlil Adzif (@allele93), loves minimal photography and would like to share how he takes his photos on a white background (or any colored background). All you need is a couple white pieces of paper and some objects for your photography!

All copy below was written by Azlil himself:

“When I started to grow my interest towards mobile photography, I always scroll through my IG feeds and I found this one guy with amazing skill in minimal photography, his IG username is @whothe_f.. However, now he started to find other direction in his photography style and rarely do this kind of photography anymore.. But back then, he was the one who has initiated my interest in minimal photography and he gave some tips how to create such photos, and I apply his tips with some modifications..

For your information, this post is mainly for those people who do not own any white table or any white surfaces at home.. In this case, I will always use a white A4 paper as the white surface.. So, if you are interested in learning how to edit such photos, here are the tips how to do that step by step :

1) Arrange all your stuffs that you want to include on a white A4 paper (or maybe more depending on how much stuffs you have) .. Well, at least try to get proper natural sunlight rather than light from white lamp and try to minimise the shadow..

14 - 1

Step 1: Arrange all objects on a white (or any other color) paper.

2) Then you need this app called Snapseed.. There is a tool named Selective Adjustment.. So, use this tool as much as you want on the white part, and increase the brightness preferably to +100..

14 - 2

Step 2: Use Selective Adjust on Snapseed App to increase brightness of the white background

3) Next, once you are satisfied with the outcome, you can crop the photo in Snapseed leaving only the white area of the photo.. Save this photo to camera roll..

14 - 3

Step 3: Crop photo on Snapseed to just the area with the White Background

4) Use this app named Squaready and choose white background, then import the edited photo from previous step.. Then, you can position the photo wherever you want.. Save this photo..

14 - 4

Step 4: Open Squareready app, select the White Background, then import the edited photo from your Camera Roll

5) Final touch! Use VSCOcam and pick any preset that you like.. However, in this case, my all time favourite presets in VSCOcam for foodporn are S2 and N1..
Here I used N1 +12
Adjustment that I made are:
Saturation +1
Highlight +3
Sharpen +3

14 - 5

Final step: Choose your favorite Presets on VSCO Cam or use the ones mentioned above!

There you go! This is a very simple touch you could make to your photo, just by using A4 papers..and yeah, this method you can actually apply if you want to use white wall as your background as well.. So have fun editing your photos!”

Go ahead and try it out and enter the “White Background” Challenge now! And don’t forget to follow Azlil @allele93!



If you have any photography tips you’d like to share with the Twenty20 Community, please email me at and we’ll get you on our blog!

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  • Willemien Kamps

    Great tutorial, snapaeed is my favourite

  • Alli

    nice job Azlil Adzif! snapseed and VSCOcam are two of my favorite editing apps!

    - Alli/ @adoubleleye

  • Nik Mock

    I’ve always wondered how they did that. Great Tip, I’ve got weekend homework :)

  • 2dayspic

    Can’t wait to try this!! Pinned to

    Thanks for the info Twenty20 and @allele93!

  • Marcelle Johannes

    Awesome ! Thanks for sharing

  • Cristian Leiva

    Awesome tutorial Azlil Adzif! Already a fan of Snapseed but Definitely need to start messing with VSCOcam. Thank you so much!

  • Michael Mode Brilliance

    Yes. Finally a community that teaches as well as it does uplifts and features. Thanks James and Azlil.

  • Khushnaz

    Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial, always helpful to know how beautiful pics were created :-)

  • mustloveclutter

    Great tutorial.