2 Ways to Get Your Photos Purchased

2 Ways to Get Your Photos Purchased

If you are looking to snap more & sell more photos, then you have come to the right place. We’re here to tell you the secrets behind the top selling photographers’ success. Whether you are a Twenty20 newcomer or veteran, you need to know these two simple ways to boost sales:

Photo by @antoksriyanto

1) Upload At Least 1 New Photo per Week

It may seem obvious but, every time you upload one new photo, you get one additional opportunity to sell. In fact, Twenty20 photographers who upload at least 1 new photo (with keywords) each week are the ones who sell most often. Adding new photos increases your exposure and enriches your gallery. Whether it’s another photo from an old photoshoot or a new photo of a different subject, you should upload it! Don’t only upload your favorite photo from a photoshoot because it might not always be what the customer is looking for.

For example: One of Twenty20’s most successful photographers, @masharotari, uploaded the two photos below. The photo on the left captures an expecting mother and her young son in a joyful moment. The silhouette on the right shows an expecting mother reflecting in a moody lighting. Although they are very different snapshots, both show up when searching the keyword “expecting mother”. What if the customer was searching for a happy portrait of an expecting mom? If Masha had only uploaded the photo on the right because it was her favorite from that photoshoot, she would have never sold the photo on the left.  

Photo by @masharotari

2) Enter a New Photo in a Challenge Every Week

Not sure what photo to upload this week? The most successful photographers use Challenges as inspiration for what to shoot on an ongoing basis; this is because Challenges are based on what customer needs are in high demand. When a Challenge opens, read the Creative Brief and then go out and snap some photos. If you miss the entry period, don’t worry! You know that subject is a popular request from our customers, so you should still upload your relevant photos and add keywords. The photo editors and the customers are constantly looking through Challenges and searching keywords for more photos to collect.

Photo by marobertoliphotography

What are you waiting for? Give these two tricks a try and watch your sales go cha-ching!